Introducing Eiger

Eiger takes your CAD-generated 3D model and gives you a fiber-reinforced part that you can print with a click. It’s easy to use and gives you full control over the strength and flexibility of your parts.

Fast slicing software in your browser

Eiger runs in the browser, on any computer that runs Google Chrome

Once you get your printer, just login to and get started printing

No download, no hassle


Your STL files in the cloud

Upload and update STLs in your library

Clone and version files, never lose your work

Collaborate and share within your organization

Easy quality and strength

Smart supports increase part quality, peel off easily

Automatic fiber routing can make your part 10x stronger or more

Advanced composite control

Edit fiber density and directionality on a layer-by-layer basis

Change strength and flexibility of different regions of your parts

Select pause points in your print to allow embedded components

Wireless printing

Organize multiple parts into a single print

Send print to your printer via WiFi, no wires necessary

USB printing available as a back-up